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Starlink Burnley

Starlink installation Burnley.

Here we have the first installation of 2023 in Cliviger Burnley and what a challenge.

First was the location the weather was blowing gale force winds throughout and torrential rain along with it.

The house was on a remote but exposed hillside outside Burnley with the only internet being a 4g ee router with 10mbs on a good day although the transmitter was off all over Xmas .

We managed to install the Starlink up on the gable but not on the apex just to try and keep it slightly sheltered routed into the lounge through a 3 foot thick wall.

The property had a 3 mesh system but again struggled getting through internal walls so we may be going back to hard white with Cat 6.

Very happy customer after being quoted £900.00 off one of the nationals.

For more info Andy or Ethan 07534524684

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