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Starlink Installation Wigan

Starlink Installation Wigan.

Here is an installation carried out in Wigan, Lancashire.

The customer was fed up with poor speeds offered from BT with no more than 14mbs at the best and no other solution.

He made the choice of Starlink and decided to set it up in the garden himself to see if it would do enough for his needs. He was achieving speeds of 250mbs and was happy so made temporary installation and fed the cable under the back door and shut the door on the cable as seen in the picture, the dish still worked ok.

We came to install the dish in permanent location on the chimney and found the damaged cable but luckily after a bit of care managed to reinstall through the wall without any further damage. Speeds back up to 250mbs.

If you want your Starlink installed professionally then feel free to get in touch for a fixed price installation. If you proceed to do a DIY installation be careful it’s expensive equipment.

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