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Starlink Installation in Euxton

Updated: Feb 2

Here we have an installation of Starlink carried out in Euxton near to help a remote property with their terrible Internet speeds. The house was pretty remote and virtually off grid with regards any internet.

The current set up was a BT connection of 5mbs which for this client was no good due to them running a buisiness from home, the other issue with such low speed is trying to get that low speed and bandwidth around the property. The client had some old BT discs that at the best of times struggle with old buildings and thick walls but with the lack of internet nothing reliable will work.

We installed the dish on a wall bracket and made sure it's secure due to the remote location and ran the cable into the outdoor boiler room, the speeds were coming in at 290mbs so a vast improvement.

The second part of this installation was to get the network around the property, this is where we come into our own, working along we have used some Cat 6 cable ran external to the far end of the stone barn and connected into the Wi-Fi 6 TP Link X55 Pro mesh system and now the customer is benefiting from virtually full speeds everywhere.

For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.

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