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Starlink Installation Crewe

Starlink Installation Betley Crewe.

Here we have a straightforward install of Starkink by engineers Phil and Aaron for a customer who lived in the small village of Betley on the outskirts of Crewe.

The house was at the end of the BT line so speeds at the property were at the best 10mbs which was a push around the house which was being shared by a couple of teenage gamers and Netflix watchers also a home office so something had to change.

Customer ordered Starlink and waited for a week and had it running in the back garden for a couple of days and decided to get it mounted on the wall, he contacted us to make the installation more permanent.

Dish was fitted on the gable end wall with cable fed into the office room speeds were coming in at 220mbs so really impressed the customer and he will now be able to create his own mesh system to feed it all round the property.

For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.

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