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Starlink Installation Stalybridge

Starlink Installation Stalybridge.

Fixed Price Starlink Installation £200.00 complete includes all brackets..

Here we have a new Starlink installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Stalybridge, Tameside for a recently renovated old farm house that now needed the internet updating.

The customer in this case had been using BT line but had now been offered the opportunity of working from home but the down side a good connection to the internet was needed for Zoom etc, the mobile network option was also a no go due to the remote location.

They had initially contacted us for a bit of advice about the reliability of Starlink and off the back of the phone call took the plunge and ordered the equipment.

The equipment arrived within a week and we arranged a date to do the install customer had sent over a few pictures of the property so we already new where it was going and again we offered a fixed fee including all the brackets. The Starkink was fitted on a alloy mast and galvanised bracket with cable fed down to the lounge with a wall socket brush plate to finish off, speeds of 190mbs coming in straight away so a very happy customer.

Home Networking Options.

Now we have got your internet speeds up, you may want to get the internet around the property a bit more reliable, we can set up a mesh system for you to ensure your whole house is covered, we also set up hardwired cat 6 cabling systems for people with larger properties or thick walls etc, also set up for wireless bridges etc.

For more info or to book an install in Stalybridge or surrounding area feel free to get in touch.

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