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Starlink Installation Westhoughton

Starlink, westhoughton,
Starlink Installation Westhoughton

Starlink Installation Westhoughton.

Here we have a Starlink installed in Daisy Hill, Westhoughton by Andy and Ethan for a client that was suffering with very low speeds from BT being last on the chain and BT refusing to upgrade to fibre down to costs.

He contacted us here for some advice on what to do and some installation issues he had which we sorted over the phone for him, he ordered Starlink from which arrived within a week he then arranged for a suitable date for installation.

We fitted the dish in the most suitable location down to the length of cable and where the router was needed to go, we used an alloy mast and galvanised wall bracket with cable routed into room with brush socket fitted.

The speeds were running at 220 mbs so one of the better ones so a very happy customer with a fast stable internet connection finally.

For more info or to book an installation head over to.

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