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Starlink Gen 3 Pole adapter Instructions.


Introducing the Gen 3 Starlink pipe/pole adapter, the ultimate solution for your Starlink setup. Made from premium-grade aluminium, this adapter is built to withstand even the harshest climates. With a full metal housing, it is the and most reliable Starlink pole adapter on the market. Designed to fit over any standard satellite mount or pole, this Australian-made product has already secured thousands of Gen 3 Starlink terminals in Australia alone. We are the UK Distributor of this excellent product.

Starlink Gen 3 pole mounting instructions.



Step 1: Place dish flat on a protective medium (original box it came with works well)

Step 2: Insert cable into dish after running it through pipe adapter. Option 1 is down through the pole itself, or Option 2 through the front of the adapter and down the outside of the pole.

IMPORTANT: You must insert the cable into the Starlink dish before clicking the pipe adapter into place as it is difficult to remove once locked in.

Step 3: Slide pipe adapter into place (protect the cable as you move it into position) and “CLICK” the pipe adapter into place.

Step 4: Move dish and pipe adapter into position on the pole, align and then tighten screws, rivets or teks to secure adapter to pole.

PLEASE NOTE: align the dish accordingly with the Starlink app. You will get a tilt warning due to our 8 degree tilt on the pipe adapter


Starlink Gen 3 Pole adapter removal

When you buy a Starlink Gen 3 pole mount adapter from us you will also receive  a special removal tool if needed to change the dish at a later date due to how secure it fits. Removal is simple switch off your router slide the tool under the adapter and it will release.

Space Internet Solutions are an independent Aerial company offering our services to customers who have purchased Starlink eqpt direct from Starlink and require a professional installation service


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