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Starlink Generation 3 

Great news for Starlink Generation 3 users in the UK we have teamed up with Click Data & WiFi Australia and are their Sole UK Distributor of the Gen 3 Starlink pipe adapter, made from premium-grade aluminum, designed to withstand even the harshest of enviroments. This adapter is engineered to be durable and reliable, fitting up to 50mm for a strong, secure mount. Get ready to experience unparalleled strength and resilience with the Gen 3 Starlink pipe adapter.

Starlink Generation 3 Pole Adapter Sales

Looking to install the latest Starlink generation 3 in the UK  you no doubt require a pole mounting option.

 While it may face some challenges with tall buildings, remote locations, and bad weather, we have a solution for you. Our pole mounting system ensures that your Starlink system can survive anything the British weather has to offer.

The official Starlink pole adapter is pretty limited with regards how much of the pole fits into the bracket also only held on with one allen type screw. 

With our secure Starlink Pole mounting system it will take a full 2" / 50mm pole needed due to the weight and potential wind loading on the dish and held securely with supplied locking system.

Simple Secure Installation

Starlink 8 Degree Tilt Test

Get in Touch

If you wish to order one of our Starlink Gen 3 Pipe adapters please call our sales number on.

TEL   07458951781


If you require an installation of your Starlink please use  07534524684

For bulk purchase get in touch

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