Starlink Installations Cumbria

Welcome to Starlink Dish Installations for Cumbria

Starlink Dishes need a clear line of sight to the open sky with a sturdy mount to ensure security and reliable operation.This is where can make this possible.

If you havent ordered starlink  use the link below



You have waited long enough and eventually your £450.00 Starlink Broadband System arrives. When you open the box and read the instructions and realise its as easy as sitting on a tripod pointing to an unobstructed open sky, then you realise this is ok if you are off grid or have have a large secluded garden. This system and dish seem to be directed at the USA flat roofs etc but when you live in Cumbria problems occur with where to make it secure, safe and with a clear view of the sky 



 Cumbria is a very remote and rural part of the UK and reliable internet has been a problem for years here finally we have a system that is reliable and fast and will only get better.

  We have been in the TV Aerial and Satellite installation business for over 30 yrs and have 6 vans on the road covering the whole of Cumbria, we are used to fitting satellite dishes and aerials in the hard to reach locations. Most of the eqpt you will receive with your kit including a ground mounted tripod but not ideal for us here in the U.K., we will supply all relevant equipment to either pole mount it or chimney mount with no drilling to chimneys. 



It is quite simple system but not very easy to install safely without a good head for heights and the correct safety equipment.


  First is a chimney install probably the best for hiding the dish out of sight typical if you live in a terrace property no gable end and no garden. We use the same equipment as we use for TV Aerials, a heavy duty lashing kit and galvanised cradle with alloy pole so shouldn't need attention for corrosion.


 Secondly is a wall mounted either on a gable end of property if no chimney or alternatively if you don't have a gable or chimney we can supply again a galvanised steel plus alloy pole to at least get above your gutter height.

   All installations are carried out by experienced TV Aerial engineers so accessing high up places isn't too much of an issue.




We offer a Fixed price Installation guarantee for Cumbria this is due to the fact we are used to working on TV Aerial & Satellite Installations on chimneys and other hard to reach locations.

  We don't need to site survey book an installation we will be there if you have any issues before contact us or send some pictures of your dish location. 

   Total cost is £200.00 all inclusive payable on completion.


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