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Starlink Installation Accrington

Starlink Installation Accrington

Fixed price Starlink Installation in Accrington of £200.00 guaranteed

Here we have a Starlink Installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Accrington for home suffering with terrible speeds offered by BT.

They initially got in touch with us for a bit of advice as seem to be nowhere fast with help from BT and any other provider, Bt were offering a 5 mbs connection over copper with no plan in the future to upgrade, Virgin wasn’t available and due to them living in a dip the mobile options weren’t stable enough.

They ordered Starlink which arrived within a week and booked an installation in with us, the dish was installed on the gable end using an alloy mast and galvanised bracket so no rust marks on the wall, the cable was routed into the office room and customer is setting up his own Google nest mesh system.

Very happy customer with Starlink and happy with our fixed price fee offered.

For more info or to book an install in Accrington feel free to get in touch.

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