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Starlink Installation Kirkham

Starlink Installation Kirkham.

Here we have new Starlink installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Kirkham for a customer who had been battling with BT over the slow speeds offered by them.

The customer lived just on the outskirts of Kirkham in a small terrace block that all had the same issue with a very slow internet connection from BT there was no Virgin and the mobile networks were as bad. The problem was this block was quite a distance from the exchange but BT wouldn't upgrade them due to the costs and only a few affected by the old copper lines.

He had heard about starlink and took the plunge and ordered it and it duly arrived within a week so they contacted us for an install as they saw us advertising a fixed fee installation.

We installed the starlink on a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast to prevent rust marks and to make sure the installation gives many years of security. The cable was fed down the wall and into the lounge, the router was set up and speeds were coming in at 190mbs so one very happy customer.

Home Networks.

Now you have a good reliable and stable internet connection we are here to help you get the WI-FI around the property by creating a wireless mesh or backhauled hardwired network for more info get in touch.

For an installation of Starlink in the Kirkham area feel free to get in touch.

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