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Starlink Halifax

Welcome to Space Internet Solutions.

Covering Halifax and the surrounding areas.

You have arrived at our site as you have no doubt purchased a Starlink satellite internet dish and are looking at having a more permanent home for it. We are  experienced TV Aerial & Satellite engineers who can fit your existing Starlink professionally for you.

What more we can do for you.

Starlink routers haven't the best  WI-FI range so we can help assist you in turning your Starlink into a whole house mesh system. We are experienced in CAT5E / CAT6 data networking installations and can ensure if you have 200mbs at the router you will have 200mbs at other locations in your home where a mesh node can be plugged into your RJ45 socket and  ****warpspeed all round****

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Starlink Constellation.jpg
Starlink Constellation.jpg



  First is a chimney install probably the best for hiding the dish out of sight typical if you live in a terrace property no gable end and no garden. We use the same equipment as we use for TV Aerials, a heavy duty lashing kit and galvanised cradle with alloy pole so shouldn't need attention for corrosion.


 Secondly is a wall mounted either on a gable end of property if no chimney or alternatively if you don't have a gable or chimney we can supply again a galvanised steel plus alloy pole to at least get above your gutter height.

   All installations are carried out by experienced TV Aerial engineers so accessing high up places isn't too much of an issue.


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Networking solutions

Your Starlink Kit comes with a WI-FI only router which isnt the best regarding WI-FI range. So what can you do to improve coverage?

 You can add WI-FI repeaters and boosters main problem each one will usually cut your speed in half plus each one creates its own SSID and password. Next you can add a Mesh network which will give you one large network but again each node is a repeater so speed is lost.

 We recommend and can install a mesh system but hard wired with CAT5E/CAT6  and fitted RJ45 Ethernet sockets this will ensure full speeds at each port, add your mesh WI-FI router and full speeds across your property.

For more info on getting the best speeds goto Home Network page

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Space Internet Solutions are an independent Aerial company offering our services to customers who have purchased Starlink eqpt direct from Starlink and require a professional installation service.

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Covering Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Sowerby Bridge, Greetland, Elland, Hipperholme, Queensbury, Mixenden...

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