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Starlink Installation Bolton by Bowland

Starlink Installation Bolton by Bowland.

Here we have a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Bolton by Bowland on the outskirts of Clitheroe in the beautiful Ribble Valley.

Client in this case was struggling with a BT copper line of 5 mbs which in a lot of cases is ok but this went into a mesh network with 3 nodes so at the furthest reaches virtually nothing.

He contacted us for some advice on starlink and decided it was going to be his best solution, he ordered the system along with ethernet adapter which duly arrived within a week and we booked an installation.

We fitted up on a gable with alloy mast and galvanised brackets with cable routed and drilled through a meter thick wall and brush socket fitted.

Very happy customer with 314 mbs download speeds best we have seen so far, looks like speeds on the way up.

For more info or to book an installation in the Ribble valley feel free to get in touch.

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