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Starlink Installation Chapel en le Firth

Starlink Installation Chapel en le Frith

Here we have a new Starlink Installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Chapel en le Frith in Derbyshire.

The customer had not long moved in and contacted us to install a new Sky dish for his Sky Q box also reinstall his Starlink that he was bringing from his old property again to another rural location with very little Internet options.

We installed a new heavy duty galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast to the gable end with the starlink mounted onto the top of the pole and the Sky dish mounted onto the same. Both the Sky and Starlink were routed down into the lounge to the main TV with a wall plate installed to make a good finish inside.

The starlink was producing 180mbs so back to normal with the internet and Tv services .

Home Networks

We also can help you get the most from your fast internet speeds by setting up a mesh network wireless or backhauled over Cat6.

For more info or to book an installation in Chapel en le Frith feel free to get in touch.

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