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Starlink Installation Coppull

Starlink Installation Coppull.

Fixed price of £200.00

Here we have a Starlink Installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Coppull outside Chorley.

Client for this Installation had been using 02 mobile network producing about 5 mbs normal for a whopping 45 a month trying to run a business from home along with the CCTV system so really struggling.

Ordered Starlink after a quick call to us which arrived within 2 days and subsequently booked an installation date.

The house was k rendered and the original routers cable was buried in the wall, best option fit gable end on galvanised and alloy mast to prevent rust and router connected into loft swapped the mesh router from downstairs all came to life with speeds of plus 200 mbs so very happy customer.

For more info or to book a fixed price install in Coppull feel free to get in touch.

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