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Starlink Installation Middlewich

Starlink Installation Middlewich

Here we have an early Monday start for a Starlink installation in Middlewich, Cheshire carried out by Andy and Ethan.

The customer for this Installation had first contacted us for some advice as he was fed up with his GSM connection to rural broadband giving out 10mbs on a good day for a whopping £48.00 a month which didn't always work, we advised of starlink and he subsequently ordered the kit.

We arranged an installation and fitted it where the old rural broadband system was installed with the starlink being fitted up on the gable end using galvanised bracket and pole with cable routed to the lounge.

Speeds were up at 200mbs within 20 mins of coming online so a very happy customer.

We are returning to help set up a mesh network the following week.

For more info or to book an installation in Middlewich or surrounding area get in touch.

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