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Starlink Installation Shaw Hall Caravan Park

Starlink fitting on Shawhall Holiday Park.

Fixed Price £200.00

Here we have recommendation for a returning customer for Starlink fitted to a group of friends for 3 Seperate holiday homes in Shaw hall caravan park on the outskirts of Ormskirk.

We fitted using galvanised brackets and alloy masts on all 3 vans to prevent rust marks all were bolted securely onto the corners using a variety of brackets depending on the gutter etc.

Cables were all routed underneath the vans and up into living rooms and routers set up with speeds of 200 mbs on all 3.

Shaw Hall Park is prone to poor Internet with 02 being an option of about 5mbs so Starlink is the way forward and 3 very happy customers.

For more info or to book an installation in Ormskirk are feel free to get in touch.

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